Some Thoughts on Occupy LA

Los Angeles suffers from a dearth of green space.

Occupy LA was evicted, and the lawn around City Hall is now a wasteland of dirt and debris.  Surfaces have been tagged with graffiti, and according to NBC, some of the debris is contaminated with urine and feces.

I believe there is a vast misdistribution of wealth in our nation.  I believe there is a severe need for more jobs, and a stronger economy.

I know that during the OWS movement, President Obama submitted the American Jobs Act to the Senate.  The Senate voted it down, and the President took it back to the drawing board.  The OWS movement uttered nary a word about it.

OWS missed an opportunity to make specific requests of our government.  In LA, it also missed the opportunity to lead by example, and to show respect for its city.

City Hall is a working service center for the people.  It is not a big bank, it is not a corporation.  Yes, it can be a liaison between people and business, but by damaging its property, we are damaging ourselves.  Our tax dollars pay for the clean up of what was previously a lush, green, public space in Downtown LA.  That is, until it was occupied by protesters who claimed to be fighting for, among other things, more funding for human services.

There is a contradiction of message here, and it bothers me.