The City Escaped | Skiing Utah

The City Escaped | Skiing Utah

I’m not just from Utah, I am of Utah. Utah is more than my home; it is my heart and hearth. I carry it in my blood, my skin, and my mind. Though I haven’t lived there full-time in twenty years, I’m proud and grateful that my family still does. I can escape to its mountains whenever I need, which, the longer I’m gone, is more and more often.

During winter, I ache for snow. I need to see it out the windows, casting my indoor comfort into a warm perspective, as well as to be in it, gliding on it, falling into it.

I woke up on morning with an itch for a snowy mountain. Living in Los Angeles, I could hop in my car and drive to Big Bear Mountain (and I might, before winter is up). But, a two hour drive to a mountain with a peak base snow depth of 60 inches, versus a 1.5 hour flight to a mountain (Brighton Resort) with a peak base snow depth of 117 inches – the choice was clear.

So, I took booked a last-minute flight, mere hours away, with the sole purpose of skiing Utah.

I threw a few days’ worth of clothes into my new Chariot Titanic hardcase.

It looks small, and it is, but it’s roomier than you think – it can easily fit a pair of size 8 snowboard boots.

Right: I’m learning to snowboard. I’ve been skiing for 25 years, but I’ve now spent five full days over the past two years on a snowboard.

The transition has not been easy. On my last day boarding, just a few days ago, I finally figured out how to turn heel-side to toe-side. The breakthrough felt mountain-shaking.

However, I don’t yet know if I’m regular-footed or goofy-footed. That is, do I lead with my left foot or my right foot? The few times I’ve surfed, I go goofy. When someone pushes me unexpectedly, I catch myself with my right foot (that’s goofy). But, I’m pretty comfortable boarding with my left foot forward. An instructor with whom I took a lesson last year insisted I was regular.

Story of my life. I’m regular! I’m goofy. I’m regular. I’m goofy! I want to be accepted but I feel like an outcast. Some talent agents think I’m too average, others say I have too much quirk. I live in Los Angeles, but I keep one foot in Utah. Let’s just say I’m two-footed.

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